Our Mission Statement

Observation, action and unbiased advice as to the application of the laws, rules and regulations that are applicable to the work being done.

The POSH Experience

We have many years of experience in residential and multi family commercial construction. POSH has developed safety programs for hundreds of businesses big and small.

POSH Safety Services

We're here to help provide the oversight component that is critical to any safety program. Our areas of expertise are safety laws, rules, and regulations for businesses throughout Western Canada.

Is your construction site safe? POSH Safety audits help keep it that way.

Safety Auditing

Safety audits are a standard tool used by safety professionals for gauging the status of a safety program. No matter the size of the company, a safety audit will expose the weak points in your safety program. By addressing the points of the audit action plan your business will demonstrate its efforts to meet its due diligence in safety.

Safety Program Development

POSH Safety Services can build any safety program to suit the need of the client. Not the average “off the self” service, each program POSH builds addresses the common and unique hazards and hazardous situations that are specific to your companies trade and type of work. POSH can be there to help your business obtain a;

  • A Certificate of Recognition Program for employers of more than ten (10) employees, or,
  • A Small Employer Certificate of Recognition - SECOR, for employers with less than ten (10) employees

Jobsite and Workspace Safety Inspections

POSH Safety Advisors will visit and inspect your residential and commercial job sites and provide a Site Safety Report that includes hazards and non-compliant activities of the contractor workers and the jobsite as well.


Training your staff is vital to ensuring that your business can deliver. From safety orientations and awareness training to the certification of your workers, POSH can help. Available courses:
Fall Protection (8 hours) - Fall Protection Group
Standard First Aid (16 hours) - Red Cross
Emergency First Aid (8 hours) - Red Cross
Standard First Aid Recertification (8 hours) - Red Cross
Emergency First Aid Recertification (8 hours) - Red Cross
TDG (6 hours) - ACSA
Flagger (6 hours) - ACSA
WHMIS 2015 (6 hours) - ACSA
Tele Handler (Genie Lift) (8 hours) - TDB
Scissor Lift (8 hours) - TDB
Rough Terrain Fork Lift (Zoom Boom) (8 hours) - TDB


Incident Investigations 2 hours
Hazard Assessment & Control 2 hours
WCB Processes and Procedures 2 hours
Emergency Response 2 hours


Injury incidents, property damage, equipment damage, vehicle accidents, equipment misuse, abuse of company assets, and injuries often require an external investigation to prevent the appearance of a tainted process. POSH Safety Services can deliver an unbiased investigation and provide you with a report that will detail the facts and offer recommendations for action by management.

WCB Claims Management

Incidents do happen, and when they do it is important to manage the injured worker rehabilitation correctly. This is for the benefit of the worker, the company, and the WCB program. By utilizing POSH Safety Services claims management service, your workers will be well attended as we work to get them better and back on the job.

Print Shop

POSH print exists to serve our clients. Opened in the spring of 2017 to push back the cost of printing safety documentation. Our safety documents are number one;

  • With workers because our doc’s are simple and easy to complete.
  • With enforcement officials because mandatory requirements are met.
  • With management because the documents are being used
  • With the auditor because the documents are organized and easy to review.
Safety Auditing
Safety Program Development
Jobsite and Workspace Safety Inspections
WCB Claims Management
Print Shop


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